Me and my cousin

Me and my cousin


The art of juggling

This does not involve throwing numerous items up in the air and catching them (although I am rather good at that too!) This is about juggling being a professional PR and mum to two boys (I am sure girls would be easier!!) and the ease in which I can juggle being one to the other.

Firstly I would like to state that this would not be possible without the advent of mobile technology! Being able to manage emails and phone calls on the move is essential, as is keeping the little fella’s amused with some very cool apps when boredom is setting in or I need time to think or speak to someone without chaos in the background and the insistent call of MUMMY!

This week I am also experiencing life as a single mum as other half has taken older child on a camping trip leaving with the (almost) 3 year old which people say ah he is so cute but he has a mischievous look in his eyes (and by golly does he!!)

Mischeivious 3 year old

In my professional life I frequently deal with the good and the bad PR has to offer, from managing a crisis situation, or hostile journalist to building relations with journalists and promoting all the good things the company and its employees are doing. And to do this I need a calm approach, there is no point in faffing it wastes times and does not instil confidence in people. Keeping a cool head, making important decisions and reaching a resolution to an issue is what I believe is one of my strengths – in my professional life that is!

I have to admit being confronted by the pure stubbornness of my youngest and his strong will combined with the tantrums (oh the tantrums!) is often harder to deal with than an irate journalist wanting answers or chief exec asking why we are not in the Times!

Right now I am juggling all of this and learning all about blogging and the benefits it can bring both personally and professionally! This exercise has enabled me to give you a snippet of what its like to be me!

In the words of one of the children in the video juggling makes me feel like I can do anything!